PtXSolutions GmbH specializes in the strategic and political project support of renewable energy plants and multi-energy power plants. The name of the company changed to PtXSolutions better reflecting the scope of the services offered.

For some years now, the issues of system integration, grid stability and storage of renewable electricity, especially in chemical form, are increasingly becoming the focus of the debate on the energy transition. The industry, transport, heating and cooling sectors are undergoing deep transformation as to became CO2 neutral by 2050. While working to achieve the global climate protection goals, the companies face the challenge of a coordinated political representation of their interests.

PtXSolutions offers professional assistance in enforcing your economic and technical interests. This begins with the support of individual larger projects and continues until the solution proposals have been prepared at the level of the state governments, the Federal Government and the European Commission or the respective parliaments.

Our core competencies lie in the sound knowledge of the energy sector in Germany and Europe with a focus on renewable energies as well as on the political framework and actors in this segment. We are a competent partner in matters of electrolysis and the storage of renewable electricity in the form of hydrogen and its use in the energy industry (power-to-gas), in mobility and industry. Through our intensive cooperation with the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV) and the industrial platform "Performing Energy", we are working on social and economic solutions to the burning questions of the energy transition.

We help you overcome the economic and technical challenges of transforming the energy system with application-specific knowledge of innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy, grid integration and storage. We create and support corporate networks for the development of innovative solutions and we accompany your efforts to implement these solutions in an economically interesting framework.

We also provide assistance in acquiring research, development and market entry funding.

Internationally, our focus is on all countries of the European Union, specializing in Germany, Poland and Bulgaria, and globally on Australia, Belarus, Chile, China, South Africa and Ukraine.