• Support with political debate concerning Fuel Quality Directive/ immission control (BImSchG)
  • Supervision and consultancy regarding the Licensing and Supervising Procedure of Hydrogen-service-stations

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Refinery study

On behalf of the NOW and other actors a refinery study was created by ENCON.Europe, by means real market data the short-term potential for ‘green Hydrogen’ in the refinery sector is examined.


Following points were key objectives of the study:

  • Determine the green hydrogen potential for refineries
  • Derive the electrolysis potential out of the hydrogen potential
  • Analyse and communicate the green hydrogen business-case 
  • Formulate grounds for discussions for political decision maker
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Call for a strategic study

The NOW composed a strategic study for an integrated energy concept and about the required economic frame conditions for the market launch of hydrogen.

ENCON.Europe supported the NOW in the planning field of the project and with formulating a comprehensive directory of services.