Encon Energy Solutions EOOD

ENCON Energy Solutions EOOD has manifold experience in the project development and project implementation of wind-projects in northeast-Bulgaria, especially in Kavarna and Dobrich, and with the development of Multi-Energy-Plant projects and the net integration of renewable energies.

ENCON Energy Solutions EOOD started inter alia the project development of 4 wind energy parks with a total capacity of 500 MW in north-eastern Bulgaria, region of Dobrich with a total budget of EUR 6 million.

ENCON Energy Solutions EOOD was also involved Kavarna wind park with a budget of EUR 90 million was built, in charge of the construction and financial management.

ENCON Energy Solutions EOOD commits oneself for European pilot projects for the strengthening of the alternative mobility and the integrated energy.


Contact:              office@encon.bg


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Feasibility study

Preparation of a feasibility study to investigate and analyze the requirements of national legislation in Bulgaria for the construction and operation of a hydrogen production facility in Bulgaria.

The feasibility study also includes a qualitative concept for the location of a hydrogen production facility in the vicinity of a potentially suitable refinery.

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